Archway Sound Symposium

Archway Sound Symposium was a series of exhibitions and events in venues across Archway that explore the intersections and stresses between artist scores, recording and performing.

Archway Sound Symposium presented an exhibition and series of events, talks and workshops that explore archives of artist scores as both recordings of and potential for new performances.


Preview 6-9pm Thursday 4th July 2019

Rita Evans, Paul Good and Kirsty Wood, Katz Mulk, Georgia Lucas-Going, Christian Marclay, Makoto Nomura, Aki Onda, Jennifer Walshe, plus books and archive material from artists such as Sonic Cyber Feminists, Patrick Farmer and Cathy Berberian.


Thursday 4th July 2019 opening event guest curated by Black Obsidian Sound System.

Saturday 6th July from 7pm performances of Jennifer Walshe’s score THIS IS WHY PEOPLE O.D. ON PILLS/AND JUMP FROM THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE by Jamie Dyson and Nicola Woodham.

Saturday 13th July, 4pm open panel discussion on making sound archives with Mat Jenner.

Saturday 13th July, 7pm closing event with performances by Rita Evans, Graham Dunning


Friday 12th July graphic score workshop

with satellite events at MUTTON FIST PRESS

Curated by Hannah Dargavel-Leafe and Phil Wilson-Perkin

Paul Good and Kirsty Wood

Jamie Dyson

Christine Ellison

Aki Onda